COSACOSA artist-leaders are practicing professionals from a myriad of disciplines, including visual, theater, performance, interdisciplinary, film, and sound art. All COSACOSA artists have extensive experience as educators, as well as working with community issues through art. COSACOSA collaborates with artists from Philadelphia and across the nation to create new art specific to our city's neighborhoods and public spaces.

Juan David Acosta, poet
Dietrich Adonis, muralist
Corey Antis, visual artist
Carlos Aviles, interdisciplinary artist
Monica Baxavanis, new media artist
Shelita Birchett, theater artist
Ira Bond, percussionist
James Branch, interdisciplinary artist
Heather Brown, visual artist
Gary Bullock, vocalist
Daryl Burgee, percussionist
José Ricardo Carbajal González, writer
Alwyn Cassil, writer
Valerie Chadwick, vocalist
Andres Chamorro, interdisciplinary artist
Phyllis Chapell, musician
Anisha Chirmule, dancer
Robert Christophe, theater artist
Julian Coleman, interdisciplinary artist
Samori Coles, music producer and sound artist
Uva Coles, poet and spoken word artist
William Creasy, installation artist
Kteligui Dembele, fiber artist
Philip Dit Wah Deng Tang, interdisciplinary artist
Ghum Deng, interdisciplinary artist
Sunny Dey, vocalist
John DeVlieger, painter
Jonas Dos Santos, interdisciplinary artist
Johanna Dunn, visual artist
Bruce Fero, vocalist
Christian Fittipoldi, painter
Jay Fluellen, composer and musician
Lee Fogel, interdisciplinary artist
Jason Fraticelli, musician
William Freeman, muralist
Mike Geppert, installation artist
Sharon Gershoni, photographer
Joy Griffin, mosaic artist
Janet Goldner, sculptor
Lonnie Graham, photographer
Bill Gross, vocalist
Marsha Hammissa, fiber artist
Donnie Hammond, vocalist
Heather Hanowitz, dancer
Michael Hearn, fresco artist
Daniel Hee, installation artist
Robert Hee, installation artist
William Hilton, interdisciplinary artist

Michael Hollinger, playwright
Keisha Hutchins, composer and vocalist
Chelsea Hrynick Browne, paper artist
Homer Jackson, interdisciplinary artist
Vena Jefferson, dance artist
Joanne Joella, vocalist
Lindo Jones, spoken word artist
Onlei Jung, painter
Rosita Kamihira, interdisciplinary artist
Adaobi Kanu, choreographer
Hein Koh, interdisciplinary artist
Trudy Kraft, painter
Jeanny Siang Kwa, interdisciplinary artist
Alik Krisskoy, writer
Marcos Kurtycz, interdisciplinary artist
Stephen Layne, sculptor
Brielle Leary, vocalist
Art Leschinsky, interdisciplinary artist
Betsy Leschinsky, ceramist/fiber artist
Sharnae Mask, multimedia artist
Katariina Mattila, interdisciplinary artist
Gerardo McGarity-Alegrett, multimedia artist
Steven MacKenzie, motion designer
Namarah McCall, composer and vocalist
Kyle Abel Menimir, interdisciplinary artist
Andres Morales, interdisciplinary artist
Carla Morales, new media artist
Jeff Morrison, theater artist
Jim Mullahy, architect
George Muller, multimedia artist
Genevieve Naklicki, sculptor
Mathapelo Ngaka, interdisciplinary artist
Nicholas Nicolaides, photographer
Kimberly Niemela, interdisciplinary artist
Christian Noguera, percussionist
Oleg Novikov, photographer
Sari Nussbaum Fogel, interdisciplinary artist
Katrina Ohstrom, photographer
Ed Osborn, sound artist
Pedro Ospina, interdisciplinary artist
Tom Palmore, painter
Edward Pang, photographer
Marco Paredes, multimedia artist
Shae Payne, visual artist
Andrew Phung, mixed media artist
Lourin Plant, vocalist
William Pope.L, performance artist
Jonathan Priester, dancer
James Pruznick, visual artist
David Quay, sculptor
Darnell Richardson, interdisciplinary artist
Bruce Robinson, theater artist
Victor Rodriguez, composer and vocalist
Andi Rose, vocalist
Lilli Ann Rosenberg, ceramist
Marvin Rosenberg, ceramist
Liv Rothfuss, multidisciplinary artist
Brian Rothman, vocalist
Lillian Rozin, theater artist
Seth Rozin, theater artist
Remo Saraceni, multimedia artist
Lenny Seidman, percussionist
Sam Snider, designer
Rol-X, vocalist
Venissa Santi, composer and vocalist
Ed Shockley, playwright
Rana Sindhikara, new media artist
James Solomon, composer
GVGK Tang, interdisciplinary artist
Steve Teare, visual artist/musician
Ezechial Thurman, music producer and musician
Anthony Tidd, music producer and musician
Adam Tillman-Young, video artist
Ken Ulansey, musician
Urban Africa Music and Dance Collective
Sherria Watts, vocalist
Khrista White, vocalist
Kailey Whitman, visual artist
Rodney Whittenberg, composer/multimedia artist
Samantha Wolfson, photographer
Frank X, theater artist
Cassendre Xavier, composer and musician
François Zayas, percussionist

(list may be incomplete)

A young artist from the Hartranft School displays his sculpture for Connection at Philadelphia International Airport.
Artist Dit Wah Deng teaches mosaic-making to preschoolers and adults during a Healing Art Project workshop at Temple Hospitals.
Artist Ed Shockley leads an Art Smart poetry discussion group at Julia de Burgos Bilingual School.
Vocalists Khrista White and Victor Rodriguez sing true stories of city residents in Spare A Dime at the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts.
clockwise from top left:
Artist Pedro Ospina guides Safe Harbor participants at Temple Hospitals;
Artist William Pope.L works with young Connection Studios videographers in Olney;
Artist Rana Sindhikara advises Memory Mine photographers at the Kenderton School;
Artist Jonas Dos Santos leads a Healing Art Project workshop at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children;
Nurturing Dignity mosaic created with Chinatown residents.