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Healing Art by Miriam Seidel
Art as Cultural Software by John A. Clauser
Art at Stake by Marcos Kurtycz
Ars Poetica: The Art of Poetry by Juan David Acosta
Art Makes the Connection by Kimberly Niemela
StoryART by Elizabeth Ann Terry
Art In Service by Alison Fritz
Art, Philosophy, Concreteness by William Desmond
Art Therapy and Surrealism by Shaun McNiff
Art, Health, Sex and Politics by Juan David Acosta
The Art of the Opportunity by James Branch
Everyday Art by Dit Wah Deng
Art as Cultural Capital by Sandra Braman
Youth Visions of Art and Community by Sharnae Mask, Alicia McGougan,
Marc Riley, Miriam Tucker, and Michael Williams
Art Transforms Us by The Reverend Dr. Holly Horn
Art as Dialogue by Miriam Seidel
On Performance Activism and Oppositional Art by La Pocha Nostra
Art and Education
by Ronald H. Silverman, Ed.D.
Art for Earth's Sake by Satish Kumar and Lorna Howarth
Can Art Change the World? by Jerry Saltz
Art, Race and Religion by Hammad Nasar
The Art of Service Learning by Cathryn Berger Kaye
Art and Identity by Dit Wah Deng
Art At the Table by Kimberly Niemela with the COSACOSA Youth Council
The Art of the Word by Ed Shockley
The Art of Gratitude: Moving Beyond Survival by Lee Fogel
Art as the Dreamlife of a People by Ricardo Levins Morales
Cultural Leadership: How Art Can Make a Difference by Marianne Lepa
Art, Place, and Public Life by Penny Balkin Bach
Photography and the Art of Letting Go by Oleg Novikov
Contemporary Art and Healing by The Reverend Dr. Gina Rose Halpern
Art for the Common Good by Juan David Acosta
The Art of Possibility by Lee Fogel
Why Art Matters by Christopher Waterman
Art and Interculturalism by Josette Féral
Art and the Public Purpose: A New Framework by the Cultural Policy Working Group
Artists of World Change by Cat Bennett
The Art of Change in the Making
by Juan David Acosta
The Art of Changing Places by Bruce Robinson
Art and Community: Historical Markers by Ron Chew
God, Art, and Waiting by I the Mike
Let Art Freedom Ring! by Pearl Schaeffer
Art To Get There by Homer Jackson
One Art, Indivisible by Sharnae Mask
The Art of Hope by Kimberly Niemela
Art, Action, and the Garden by Mark Francis and Randolph T. Hester, Jr.
Losing More Than Art by Randi Weingarten and D
iane Ravitch
Art as a Dynamic Matter of Now: A Creative Manifesto by Rebelle Society
Art Away from Home by Gerardo McGarity-Alegrett
The Art of Sustainability by Joseph Zammit-Lucia
COSACOSA's Art: A Community Built on Healing by Rebecca Gross
Promoting Public Health through Public Art in the Digital Age by
Austin S. Kilaru, MD,
David A. Asch, MD, MBA, Allison Sellers, BA, and Raina M. Merchant, MD, MSHP

We Can't Afford Not to Fund the Arts by Peter Bazalgette
Art Belongs in Communities by Zócalo Public Square
Remembering Art's Role in Social Change by
An Xiao Mina

Artolatry bread image after Salvadore Dalí's Basket of Bread (1926).